Do you have solar yet? The RET is under threat!

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Do you have solar yet? The RET is under threat!

This week, the Abbott government launched a formal review of Australia's 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target, headed by businessman and climate sceptic Dick Warburton. Scrapping the RET will make solar less appealing to the millions of households who haven't yet got solar on their roofs. Earlier this month, the Australian Solar Council launched its campaign to Save Solar, amid growing concerns the Federal Government is considering axing the successful Renewable Energy Target. According to the Council, the Renewable Energy Target has:

  • Helped 5 million Australians reduce their power bills by installing solar;
  • Delivered 3 gigawatts of capacity (equivalent to 6 coal-fired power stations);
  • Encouraged $9 billion of private investment into producing clean electricity;
  • Supported 4,500 small businesses across Australia; and
  • Employed up to 18,500 Australians.

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