This RET Review is designed to hurt solar

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Submissions to this Review are due this Friday 16th

As you have probably heard, the Renewable Energy Target - the program that has helped 2 million Australian families go solar (including yours?)- is under review.

But, the lesser known fact is that this is the second review of the Target in as many years.

The last review was completed just 18 months ago. It was conducted by an expert team lead by former head of the Reserve Bank, Bernie Fraser.

And it showed that the target is doing what was it was designed to do - help Australians reap the benefits of generating energy from clean safe sources at a very affordable price.

This new review is designed to hurt solar, but you can help.

Will you help us send a clear message to the panel and government by submitting Bernie Fraser's authoritative report to the new Review Panel?

With this new review launched so close to the completion of the last one, it’s hard to conclude that it is anything other than a stitch-up designed to cut support for solar energy and help the big power companies.

If the government truly wanted to support Australian families to take back control of their power bills, it would have accepted the findings of the first report and got on with helping Australian families install solar.

We want to flood the review panel with copies of the LAST review findings to make our point clear: this review is not necessary; it’s a waste of taxpayer money, and we want the government to get on with helping more Australian families go solar.
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