The IPCC Working Group III Report

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The IPCC's Working Group III looks at mitigation of climate change, and a month ago they published THE REPORT, and you've probably seen many articles and news stories. you might have even read the summary for policymakers. It can be hard for the numbers and words to sink in, particularly when trying to fathom what our changed world will be like under 2 or more degrees of warming (which is inevitable under the business-as-usual or 'do nothing' scenario). How do we face it, how can we help change this course? 

rather than reinvent the wheel - we recommend you check out this article in The Conversation, by Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Director, Global Change Institute at University of Queensland. 

and get (more) involved - help save the RET by writing that submission, question your politicians, buy renewable energy and put some on your roof, join the campaigns against coal and gas in the Hunter, help stop T4, get active. CAN meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at the Hunter Community Environment Centre 169 Parry St, Newcastle West. All are welcome. Like us on Facebook
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