Message in the Sky 27th August

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On Sunday, Tony Abbott met with Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane in a closed meeting. They have in their hands the recommendations from their stacked review of the Renewable Energy Target and their sights are clearly set on tearing down solar for Australia.

More than 1.3 million Australians have gone solar thanks to the Target and another 2 million homes will install a solar system if it is left in place. Together we must stop Tony Abbott from this misguided attack on solar and Australia’s renewable energy future. 

That’s why on Wednesday 27th August, Solar Citizens is heading to Canberra for an important event to hand over our +23,000 signatures Keep Solar Strong petition to the government calling on them to protect the Renewable Energy Target. We’ll hand over this huge petition and write an unmissable message - SAVE SOLAR - across the skies above Parliament House so that Tony Abbott and government MPs simply won’t be able to ignore it. On the lawns in front of parliament we’ll be speaking to media and setting up a huge display of solar panels made from thousands of signed Keep Solar Strong postcards from around the country.

But we need your help to make this message to Tony Abbott and the government even bigger, louder and stronger. 
Will you take two vital steps today that will help us take a strong message to Canberra:

  1. Sign the Solar Citizens petition to Tony Abbott asking him to Keep Solar Strong and help us get to 25,000 signatures
  2. Chip in $20, $50 or whatever you can afford to help us put this SAVE SOLAR message in the skies above Parliament House
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