Move the Carrington Coal Terminal - submissions due 28th February

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draft Greater Newcastle metropolitan plan has just been released by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Thanks to the feedback from the local community a highlight of the plan is the inclusion of an investigation into relocating the Carrington coal stockpiles and loader away from residential areas (page 84).

The draft plan will examine options to revitalise this area.

'This presents an important opportunity for our community. Relocating the Carrington Coal Terminal and Stockpiles will:

  • Reduce coal dust pollution that is already at unacceptable levels
  • Stop the coal trains and the noise, dust, dieselfumes and traffic problems they cause for rail side suburbs from Carrington to Maitland
  • Create new opportunities for tourism, open space, light industrial or other export industries that are compatible with the residential area, schools and the proposed new cruise ship terminal
  • Consolidate coal exports at the Kooragang coal terminal Which is also owned by Port Waratah Coal Services who have 40% spare capacity.

We have until the 28th of February 2018 to have a say on the draft Greater Newcastle metropolitan plan.

Move the Carrington Coal Terminal. Let's make it happen!
Write your submission here, and the Tighes Hill Community Group will print them out and personally deliver them to the Department of Planning. To have the most impact please make sure to include your own thoughts in the submission:
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