Solar Schools Petition

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Please sign our petition to Education Minister Rob Stokes and let him know that parents, students, teachers, and the vast majority of people in NSW want our public schools powered by 100% solar.

Australia must switch to 100% renewables by 2030 to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change. This is an ambitious target, but it is 100% achievable.

Unfortunately, the government has so far refused to get on board, but I am optimistic that if people like you and me work together can turn that around.

There are countless examples of ordinary people uniting to achieve great things. Whether it is ending apartheid or achieving marriage equality, it has been the power of everyday people like you me standing together that has made our society fairer and more sustainable with each passing generation.

Right now, as we appear to be reaching a tipping point of the climate crisis, we need leadership from community-based institutions like our schools taking decisive action.

Not all public schools can get there on their own. That’s why I’m asking you to join me and thousands of other people to call on the Education Minister to fund solar systems for every public school in NSW.

Please add your name to the petition and be part of a people-driven movement to #repower our schools and our future
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