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Rocky Hill Chuffed Campaign

Help Gloucester to fight

The future of the Gloucester Township hangs in the balance. Gloucester Resources Limited (GRL) wants to build the Rocky Hill Mining Project. The 220 metre deep open cut pit and mine site covers environmental protection areas and agricultural land. It would operate just over 1km from family homes and farms with major social impacts such as air quality pollution, dust, noise, visual amenity and health impacts both physical and psychological. This proposal is untenable and unacceptable for over 3000 residents of the township and surrounds.

The small community of Gloucester's fate hangs on a legal trial. Without independent expert analysis the key information the government has available to rely on in its assessment of this mine is from the mining company itself.

As a small community we need your help to be able to afford to pay for expert analysis. Independent scrutiny of this proposed mine is vital. Can you help?

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