Smart Energy Expo 2009

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The third annual Smart Energy Expo Newcastle, hosted by grassroots community group Climate Action Newcastle (CAN), is on again! The Expo will be held at Newcastle City Hall and Wheeler Place on the 7-8th November, from 9am to 4pm each day.

Smart Energy Expo Newcastle 2009 is a two day event highlighting the latest technologies available and in development to achieve a clean energy and low carbon future, for the home, our region and the world.

It’s your one-stop shop for the latest in renewable energy and sustainable living.

More than 25 exhibitors will be showcased at this year’s Expo, including:

  • Solar electricity systems
  • Solar and heat pump hot water systems
  • Micro wind turbines
  • Energy-smart building design and materials
  • LED lighting technologies
  • A range of energy efficient products for your home
  • Advice on government rebates and local Council initiatives
  • Water tanks
  • Bicycles
  • Native plants

There is also a kids’ activities space, and a speakers’ forum from 10.30am to 3.30pm on both days, with an extensive list of expert speakers from various disciplines.

Walking the Talk

EXPO 065Of course, there’s not much point having solar panels on your roof if you have a metre wide plasma TV or run a pool heater pump for eight hours a day. Climate change is happening now, much faster than previously predicted, and the global need for action has moved far beyond people changing their light globes.

Talk to Climate Action Newcastle volunteers at the Expo about the many ways you can get involved to help avert a global climate emergency.

Climate Action Newcastle was established in August 2006 as a local response to the global threat of climate change. Climate Action Newcastle currently has over 60 members, and 700 supporters who subscribe to our monthly newsletter. CAN’s mission statement is “to secure a clean energy/low carbon future for the Hunter to contribute to a sustainable future for all.”

Smart Energy Expo Speakers' Forum

The speakers' forum will be held in The Newcastle Room, on the ground floor of Newcastle City Hall. 

Speakers at this year's forum include: 

  • Scott Barrett (Solar Shop Australia) on solar electricity systems
  • Howard Morrison (sustainable owner-builder) on the zero carbon house, distributed energy and energy transitioning
  • Glenn Platt (CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship Newcastle) on smart grids & alternative energy
  • Jarra Hicks (The University of Newcastle) on local responses to climate change and using the diverse economy to meet energy needs
  • Mark Brown/Kate Beveridge (Purple Pear Organics) on community supported agriculture and permaculture
  • William Vorobioff (Transition Town Newcastle) on Peak Oil and the Transition Towns movement
  • David Wood/Paul Peterson (Aerogenesis) on wind turbine technologies
  • Nikki Brown (co-author ‘Cycling Outback Australia’) on sustainable holidays and guilt free travel
  • Greg Chrismas (Huff & Puff straw bale constructions) on sustainable building
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