Local Groups

Hunter Community Environment Centre

The Hunter Community Environment Centre exists to encourage and facilitate environmental and social justice advocacy and education in the Hunter region, NSW, Australia. It was established in 2004. The HCEC is a resource-hub for groups and individuals working towards environmental and social justice. It provides a space for groups to network and collaborate on campaigns.

Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre

Community volunteers promoting pushbikes as healthy, active, safe sustainable ethical transport. All the solutions for reasons not to ride a bike are provided at the Bike Ecology Centre. They'll help you fix and maintain your bike as well as providing free repair and traffic skills workshops. Donate bikes/parts, get preloved bikes /parts. Buy working 2nd hand bicycles. Borrow Library Bikes (deposit applies).

Transition Newcastle

Transition NewcastleTransition Newcastle is based on The Transition Town model, which is a global, grassroots phenomenon driven by the twin challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil. Instead of focusing on what we don't want, the key to the Transition Town model is the focus of creating positive visions and projects to create a truly sustainable and resilient society. You can get involved by going along to an Open Space meeting where you can bring your ideas and projects to find other people to help develop them.

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