Carbon Price Anniversary - 1st July, 2013

Calling all Tweeters! Join the global community and make some (digital) noise on July 1st for the first anniversary of the carbon price!

In that time:

  • Emissions from the National Electricity Market have dropped by 7.4%
  • Electricity generated from burning coal has decreased by 8%
  • Renewable energy generation has increase by 30%.
  • Renewable energy now accounted for 13.14% of Australia’s total electricity generation in 2012. (Clean Energy Council)

It's working!

To celebrate this milestone, a global Twitter Action is being planned for July 1st. By engaging with global supporters of action on climate we will show that there is considerable support for pricing carbon, both in Australia and around the globe. We're also seeking to bust some of those persistent myths – including that Australia is acting alone.

The Carbon Price is under threat of being repealed.

We want to show our decision makers that now is not the time to go backwards on climate. Join us.

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