Beyond Denial: What now for climate action

The article "Beyond Denial" was published in the Autumn edition of Overland, and is recommended reading by CAN members. Here is a taster: 

We live in a winter of disconnect. As the permafrost melts and global warming accelerates, bringing us to the cusp of catastrophic environmental changes, governments and corporations continue their campaign of denial... When we are not tied up defending the firmly established position that anthropogenic climate change is occurring, we find ourselves – albeit sometimes reluctantly – getting behind ‘market-based’ solutions as the only plausible policy option. Those still defending the Labor government’s legislation hope that people will one day remember that the ‘toxic’ carbon tax is only a temporary stop-gap, one that is to be phased out in the construction of an enduring carbon-market solution.

Read the full article here.

How to Change the Conversation on Climate

An opinion piece by Mike Collins

I have a rule which sometimes gets me into a bit of trouble. It certainly has landed me in some amusing conversations, and has given me an insight into the effectiveness of science communication and political messaging. It reveals aspects of peoples' world views, and how an individual grapples with a global issue.

The rule is that whenever someone talks to me about the weather, I ask them what they think about climate change.

Fashionable Climate Action

Express yourself! Be seen, be heard and help Stop T4 in its tracks. Design and order your own 'Stop T4' hoodies, tshirts (short or long sleeves) and even baby jumpsuits.

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