Are you (and your Super) FossilFree?

"If it is wrong to wreck the climate, then it is wrong to profit from that wreckage."

In order to keep warming below 2°C, a target that the United States and nearly every other country on Earth has agreed to, the International Energy Agency calculates that the fossil fuel industry will need to not burn approximately 80% of their reserves of coal, oil, and gas. Those reserves may be below ground physically, but they’re already above ground economically and factored into the share price of every fossil fuel company. Globally, the value of those reserves is around $20 trillion, money that will have to be written off when governments finally decide to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant. To find out how to divest from fossil fuels in your portfolio, and to encourage institutions that you're a part of to do the same, check out the FossilFree website.

Failure to mitigate climate change putting Australians’ health at risk

This week, the Climate Authority released its report 'Australian Heatwaves: Hotter, Longer, Earlier and More Often.' No surprises that the report finds that heatwaves in Australia are becoming more frequent, they are lasting longer, and the hottest days are becoming even hotter. Report author Professor Will Steffen said, “Australia has always had hot weather. However, climate change is loading the dice toward more extreme hot weather. Heatwaves have significant impacts on our health, our infrastructure, our agriculture and our ecosystems. It is essential that we understand the influence of climate change on heatwaves to ensure that health services, transport providers, farmers and the community are prepared for what is happening now and what will happen increasingly in the future.”

The interim findings come as southern Australia swelters through an intense heatwave with temperatures in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide passing 40 degrees and Canberra heading towards the upper 30s. The current conditions that Australians are experiencing are becoming more common. The current heatwave follows on from a year of extreme heat, the hottest summer on record and the hottest year on record. View the report here.

Do you have solar yet? The RET is under threat!

Do you have solar yet? The RET is under threat!

This week, the Abbott government launched a formal review of Australia's 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target, headed by businessman and climate sceptic Dick Warburton. Scrapping the RET will make solar less appealing to the millions of households who haven't yet got solar on their roofs. Earlier this month, the Australian Solar Council launched its campaign to Save Solar, amid growing concerns the Federal Government is considering axing the successful Renewable Energy Target. According to the Council, the Renewable Energy Target has:

  • Helped 5 million Australians reduce their power bills by installing solar;
  • Delivered 3 gigawatts of capacity (equivalent to 6 coal-fired power stations);
  • Encouraged $9 billion of private investment into producing clean electricity;
  • Supported 4,500 small businesses across Australia; and
  • Employed up to 18,500 Australians.

Web Twitter | @SolarCouncil

Cover the Coal Wagons - Paper Petition - we need your help!

A new petition has been launched by 40 community groups across the mining affected regions of NSW seeking parliamentary action to ensure the coal industry installs covers on coal wagons for all coal fields across the state. Please download the petition from the HCEC campaign website, and get your friends, family and colleagues signing! Petitions are requested to be returned by 16 March - you can bring yours along to the next CAN meeting on Wednesday 5th March, 6.30pm at the Hunter Community Environment Centre, 179 Parry Street, Newcastle West. Or, you can post your completed petition to this address.

Stop T4 Rally - 16th March 2013

Picture this. It's 10am, Saturday March 16th. Hundreds of people have gathered in the park beside Customs House, Newcastle. Families, community groups and children. Together we declare our visions for Newcastle, the Hunter and NSW. We take to the street, waving colourful banners, walking to the beat. What a powerful way to communicate unified hope for a healthy and prosperous region. What a powerful way to communicate our opposition to the proposed 4th coal terminal.

CANA Conference: 15th - 16th April, 2013

Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) is a network of over 70 Australian non-government groups working for action on climate change. It is the Australian arm of Climate Action Network International. The annual conference for Climate Action Network Australia is the opportunity for members to meet over two days, sharing skills, knowledge and planning for campaigns ahead.

Strategic Planning Day

Have you ever wanted to become more involved with CAN or have a greater input into the strategic direction the organisation takes, particularly in this important Federal Election year? 

Australia's Climate Action Summit: February 2009

Over 500 people from over 140 groups and organisations attended the Summit. It was the first of its kind to bring together the grassroots climate movement from across Australia, to discuss and strategise a shared direction for 2009 and beyond. The group was large and diverse, yet the willingness to work together was palpable.

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