Rock to Block - #Stop Adani Fundraiser

Fundraising gig at the Croatian Wickham Sports Club - Friday 24th November

Our friends over at the Newcastle Climate Justice Uprising have organised 'Rock to Block' to fundraise for the Stop Adani campaign - a lot of great bands from 5pm - so make it back to back good times weekends for good causes!   

Join in celebration of this endeavour and to #StopAdani!

The StopAdani campaign has swept across Australia, with hundreds of communities speaking out against what would be an epic economic and environmental failure.
The Newcastle Climate Justice Uprising collective and local students will be embarking on a trip to the frontlines for an environmentally just future – a voyage in the name of protecting the Great Barrier Reef, the sacred country of First Nations people and to champion sustainability and community resilience.
Australia is calling for a transition away from fossil fuels; we are calling for justice for farmers, workers, families and our beautiful Aussie country.
The Adani mine flies in the face of these values, but through community action and collaboration we can pull this train around and take a step towards a brighter, cleaner and abundant future.
Come along and join in the celebration of this endeavour to #StopAdani!
* Adi Bee * Alana J Mundi * Windradyne *Chimera * High Estate * The Fux & the Sound *Black Fireflies * Lux
* Vanishing Shapes *Flight Hawk *Catnip * Hangman *Georgina May * Crazy Old Maurice
$10 at the door
Delicious eats!
Family friendly

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