No Gasfield off Newcastle! Rally Sunday 18th March

The following email is from our friends at the Wilderness Society Newcastle - please sign the petition and come along the rally at Nobby’s Beach this Sunday 18 March, at 1pm. RSVP here.


Have you heard?

The beautiful NSW coastline, near Newcastle and the Central Coast, could be the site of a new offshore gasfield.

The Newcastle Herald reported today that seismic testing — the first step towards dotting the horizon with giant drilling platforms — could start as early as this Friday.

Tell Advent Energy that seismic testing, or an industrial gas field, is not welcome off the beautiful NSW coast.


Advent Energy has been approved to use a vessel called “Pacific Conquest” to blast sonic waves into the ocean floor to assess for gas resources. We couldn’t make this stuff up!

Seismic testing has been proven to impair the navigation skills of dolphins and whales; yet, the approved period for this testing coincides with start of the Humpback whale’s northern migration.

Seismic testing of our coastal environment could begin as early as next week!

Please sign the petition to support Humpback whales and end the threat of gasfields off the NSW coastline.

The beautiful coastlines of NSW support thriving tourism and fishery industries and should not be risked for gas exploration.

Advent’s exploration lease runs 120km along the beautiful coastline between Sydney and Newcastle. If Advent Energy is not stopped, a gasfield off the coast of these highly populated areas would be a disaster-waiting-to-happen.

As the world moves away from fossil fuels, NSW must look to safe renewable energy options, not entrench our reliance on dangerous fossil fuels, like offshore gas.

Nine years ago, there was a strong community backlash to seismic testing for gas off Port Stephens. This is the first time they’ve been back. Let’s make sure the gas drillers know we want them to leave our coast alone — this time for good.


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