100% Ready Forum: 18th June 2012

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW invites you to the


Talks, panel discussion and Q&A and part of a state-wide roadshow from 100% Ready over the next few months.


When: Monday, 18 June 2012 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Where: Smart Grid, Smart City Centre Lee Wharf, 19 Honeysuckle Dr Newcastle, NSW 2302

More Info: for more details and to register


  • Pauline Dunne, Upper Hunter Renewable Energy Precinct Manager (OEH)
  • Richard Finley-Jones, EcoEnviro
  • Nicky Ison, Community Power
  • Michael Collins, Climate Action Newcastle
  • Wolf Messthaler, Beyond Zero Emissions

Free entry - Refreshments provided Join the discussion and help Australia make the switch to clean energy!

About 100% Ready

A vast majority of Australians support a move to 100% clean energy. But a lot also think we’re not ready yet.

We're here to bring you real stories from the clean energy frontline that prove Australia is 100% ready to start making the switch. You’ll hear from workers, farmers, small businesses, big businesses, inventors, investors and community leaders; all of whom are seeing big benefits for themselves, their communities and Australia from the work that’s going on around the country.

When you listen to these people, the message is clear: clean energy creates installation, assembly and maintenance jobs in regional areas, it offsets energy price rises, it gives farmers income without damaging the land, it provides returns to investors, and creates a new sector that diversifies our economy and keeps the money right here in Australia.

And, unlike coal seam gas, it does all these things without polluting our environment or contributing to climate change. So sit back, grab a cup of tea and enjoy hearing from the people who are leading the future.

You might be surprised at how far they’ve come and how ready we are to start the switch to 100% clean energy - right here, right now.

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