Swansea Climate Forum: 21st May 2011

Invitation to SwanseaClimate Change Forum - Impacts and Policy

When: Saturday, 21st May 2011, 1pm to 3:30pm

Where: Swansea Centre, 228Pacific Highway, Swansea, 2281

Cost: Free

Guest Speaker: Dr Mark Diesendorf,Deputy Director, Institute of Environmental Studies, NSW University

The Community Environment Network (CEN) committee 'Climate Future - Cool It' is organizing the free Swansea Climate Change Forum for 21st May in conjunctionwith Lake Macquarie Climate Action and with the support of Lake Macquarie City Council.

The Guest Speaker will be Dr Mark Diesendorf, a well known researcher on the policiesproposed to tackle the challenge of climate change. He will talk about the recent Government policies, Beyond Zero Emissions and other options forreducing our carbon emissions. Swansea is avery appropriate site for this debate due to its very high vulnerability to sealevel rise.

The Forum will offer the opportunity to discuss policy ideas during a workshopsession held after the presentations.

For more information, check out Culture Swerve.

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